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Cookie Statement


Cookie Statement

Your are visiting a website that forms part of the online network of Telegraaf Media Groep N.V. ("TMG").

TMG is the largest Dutch media group with a leading position in the markets for amongst others daily newspapers, magazines and other online and offline media, such as the internet and radio.

This Cookie Statement applies to all websites within TMG's online network, unless stated otherwise.

The use of TMG’s websites can result in the collection of information by TMG and/or third parties about your use of these and other websites, for example through means of cookies. A cookie is a small file sent along with pages from a website and which is stored on the hard disk of your computer. The cookie allows your browser to be recognised by a next visit to the website.

The information which, for example through means of a cookie, is collected by TMG and/or third parties can be used for the following purposes:

1) For functional purposes: to facilitate the navigating through and logging in to TMG’s websites or to remember your settings and/or preferences when using TMG’s websites.

Example: when you log in to a website, at your next visit to this website our system knows that you are already logged in through means of a cookie. Thus, you don’t need to log in again.

2) For analytical purposes: to analyse the use of TMG’s websites.

Example: the number of visitors visiting a webpage may be recorded, so TMG knows which (parts) of her websites are well visited.

3) For commercial purposes: to record how many and which advertisements have been shown to you (to prevent you from seeing the same advertisement several times) and to record whether you clicked on an advertisement.

Example: before showing a video, a commercial may be shown. To prevent you from seeing the same commercial too many times, we may record which commercials have been shown to you.

4) For “targeting” purposes: to build a profile based on your online behaviour, in order to show you advertisements targeted on your (presumed) interests. This profile can partially be built on the basis of your visit to other websites.

Example: when visiting on a regular basis, we presume you are interested in cars.

The information collected by TMG on the basis of the above can be combined with personal data processed by TMG. However, information collected by third parties will not be combined with personal data processed by TMG. TMG does not use and has no access to the information collected by third parties through cookies. The use of cookies and other technologies by these third parties, is subject to their own privacy policy, which is mostly available on their own website(s).

How to turn off and reject cookies

You can turn off cookies that have already been placed and refuse new cookies through means of the browser settings of your computer. The exact way to do so may depend on the browser you use; if necessary consult your browser’s help function. Also, most cookies stored when using TMG’s websites, can both individually as collectively be turned off via This page also shows which of the cookies listed are active on your browser.

After turning off and/or refusing cookies, advertisements may continue to be shown.

Note: when turning off and/or refusing cookies you will not always be able to use all of the possibilities inherent in TMG’s websites. Moreover, turning off and/or refusing cookies only affects the computer and browser on which you perform this action. If you make use of multiple computers and/or browsers you must repeat these actions as often as necessary.


TMG’s Privacy Statement applies to the processing of personal data which TMG may collect through means of cookies.

Amendment of this Cookie Statement

TMG reserves the right to amend this Cookie Statement. Any amendment will be published on this page. You are advised to consult this Cookie Statement regularly, so as to ensure that you are aware of the applicable Cookie Statement.

This Cookie Statement has been amended at 12 June 2012.

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